Is He Cheating?

There are always at least two ladies for each cheater – Lady #1 is the official girlfriend or wife and Lady # 2 is the person who he is cheating with. Both Ladies are potential victims for a broken heart…Here are a few words of wisdom for Lady #1.

“Is he cheating?”…If you are thinking about this, then there must be a reason. Women are extremely intuitive creatures. Sure, women have tendencies to over react and go over board with jealousy, but there is a strong reason behind this – everybody knows that men are wired to not be monogamous.

While women see sex as an extension of their love, men see it as some kind of exciting sport that brings extra adrenalin.

Why do men cheat? Do all men cheat? Of course not; there are a lot of great and faithful men. However, if you are currently involved with one of them, you would not be reading this article.

So, here are

15 signs of a cheating boyfriend:

1. He started to take very good care of him all of the sudden. If he didn’t get a new job or a big promotion, but now he is the one who is spending hours at the mall, watch out. If he started to trim his face and his body (especially below his abs), it might not be a good sign…unless he wants to surprise you.

2. He turned from a couch potato to a gym fan overnight. One thing is if you had numerous conversations about starting a new, healthy lifestyle and decided that working out together would be great. However, if he signed for a new (sometimes fancy) gym where you are not really invited, it might be bad news.

3. He’s got new sex moves. Of course, there is a chance that he is a dedicated “Kama sutra” reader, but statistics prove otherwise.

4. If you are in a committed relationship and don’t use condoms, finding one in his wallet or his pocket might not be a good sign. However, if you find one, don’t panic. Just mark it and wait to see if it will disappear or be replaced any time soon.

5. “Boys’ Night Outs” become too consistent and he either does not  pick up his phone and does not reply text messages or picks up the phone, but gets very angry.

6. He smells differently when he comes home and this is NOT a smell of the new fragrance you bought him for his birthday.

7. If he has been protective of his personal borders from the first beginning it is one thing. However, if he suddenly put a code on his cell phone, changed his email password, or became overly protective of his gadgets, odds are that he is cheating.

8. He suddenly becomes too jealous and suspicious of you.

9. His phone is always facing down and set on vibrate.

10. Sex becomes either absent or less passionate and affectionate. He might kiss you on your forehead instead of your lips when he says hello and goodbye.

11. His friends try to spend less time with you or behave strange. Of course, he is their friend and they will be loyal to him, but they would feel sorry for you.

12. He takes you to new places out of the blue. Sure, some men are spontaneous and like to discover new places. However, after people date for a while, they create dating habits and favorite places. Watch out for any sudden pattern changes.

13. He disappears; he ignores your calls, texts, etc. Also, he might suddenly become an enthusiastic traveler. His company starts to send him to numerous trips and conferences where he has a “strict company policy” that a girlfriend/spouse can not attend. Ladies, 99% of conferences DO NOT CARE and the decision of taking you with him is up to HIM, not up to his boss.

14. If you know for sure that he cheated on his exes, there is a huge possibility that he will be cheating on you. Remember, if someone did something once, he will do it again. There are always exceptions…but not a lot of them.

15. If you might know that person who he is cheating on you with, he switches topics immediately if you or someone from your friends bring up this lady.

Words of Wisdom for Lady #2:

If he is cheating on his girlfriend or wife with you now, it does not mean that you changed his pattern and he is with you because he loves you. Different men have different reasons. However, if he cheats on his girlfriend or wife now, he will cheat on you later.

Word of Wisdom for Lady #1:

It is very painful to find out that your man is cheating. However, good news are that first of all, it does not mean that he does not love you anymore, and second of all, if he cheats on you now, he will cheat on HER later.

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