Dating Poor Men

Dating a poor man is a common topic with the current economy. Dating a poor man is about your choice. Of course, we all know that money won’t buy happiness. However, the absence of money can totally kill all romance and feelings.

Even if a woman believes that “money is not important”, she won’t disagree that going places is better than spending every evening at home, receiving gifts and having a nice dinner in a romantic place while drinking nice wine is more fun than eating chips on the couch while drinking cheap stuff that will give you a headache.

Every woman sees her dating scene as an unavoidable chore on the way to her beautiful relationship and future marriage. Do you see yourself as a poor loser’s wife? Then go ahead and date a poor man.

Of course, there are different circumstances. For example, someone lost his job and has spent two years trying to find another one. Different people have different situations. History knows lots of stories when someone became filthy rich after he struggled for years. However, don’t be fooled by history. Before dating a poor man, calculate. What is the percentage of poor men who became very rich? Exactly!

Of course, if you are both in college, there is nothing wrong to have a meal every other time while working on your degrees. However, if you are in your forties, and your man is unable (or hardly able) to support himself, there is a major red flag.

If you date a poor man with a gorgeous body and you are totally honest with yourself that sex is the only thing you two both have in common, then go ahead and keep dating.

However, if you spend years working on your career and the future, you deserve better. Also, remember, that poor men have very low self-esteem and if someone has a low-self esteem this person is usually tense, judgmental, opinionated, and just rude most of the time.

Dating is about being happy and having a good time. What kind of a good time can you have if you are with someone who is insecure and negative?

If a man says he is not interested in money, there is something severely wrong with him. It can mean two things. First of all, he already tried and could not figure out how to make a decent living. Secondly, he probably honestly believes that he does not have to bother in order to keep a good woman. If you are fine with both points of view, you are welcome to spend your time with this man.

Dating a poor man can be a very painful experience because you will feel deprived at times. There are numerous examples of when “a love boat” crushed into waves of poverty.

If you are looking to get married and have kids, it is NOT normal to accept the fact of being poor. What’s normal is to wish your kids not only have lots of love, but great medical care, material things, and education.

When dating a poor man, you put yourself in situation where you have to deprive yourself of many things sooner or later. We all know that physical attraction will fade in a couple of years and then you will see the difference between your lifestyle and lifestyle of wealthier people very clearly.

Should you date a poor man? The answer is yes, if you don’t care about being socially and materialistically deprived. If you would like to be around a person with low self-esteem (that will cause him to be sarcastic and even angry), please, go ahead.

If you don’t want to be in the situation listed above, please, consider other candidates.

PS. A word of caution. We are discussing the dating situation here. If you are in a long term relationship or married, you should remember that when you are committed to your boyfriend or husband, it means that you committed to be with him under any circumstances. The difference between dating and committed relationships is your possibilities to make choices easier.

If you decide to leave your boyfriend (husband) because he becomes broke, it is a betrayal, but it is your choice not to commit to a poor man in the first place.