How do you feel happy? Billions of people try finding the answer to this question. People look for happiness everywhere – in wealth and in love, in traveling and in settling down, in getting married and in getting divorced, in raising kids and in dedicating their life to themselves. Different people are looking for different things, doing different things, and dreaming about different things only because of one main reason – the feeling of happiness.

Finding happiness is an art which is why all people who really find it became incredibly popular – almost saints.

How to Feel Happy

1) Live in the moment. In order to feel happy all of the time, you need to learn how to feel happy each and every minute and then connect all those minutes together.

2) You have to learn how to switch from negative to positive in a matter of seconds (if you don’t know how, the Broken Heart 911 Program has a whole chapter dedicated to this topic).

3) In order to enjoy something as a whole, you need to learn how to enjoy the details first. For example, you get a cup of coffee in the morning. Instead of cursing that the coffee is spilling and it’s too hot, you forget to put in enough creamer and are going to be late at work, just take a minute, get rid of the feeling of being late and the anxiety that something bad will happen and enjoy the smell first, then the taste. Think about something that makes you happy while doing every sip; anything that makes you feel good will do the trick.

4) Remember that there are no bad things; there are things that make you feel bad and take you away from happiness and there are no bad people; there are toxic people that make you feel bad.

5) Reevaluate how you spend your time and who you are hanging out with on the regular basis. Are they worth your time and energy? Make a list of people who make you feel good. Try to spend more time with them.

6) Get enough sleep as well as sunshine (8-9 hours of sleep daily and 10 minutes under the sun will do the trick).

7) Don’t forget about your favorite music. However, if you love sad, heartbreaking songs, think again. You need something that will bring you happiness, not twirl, twist, and squeeze your heart and brain.

8) If you have a pet, it’s perfect, if you don’t, you can always visit a friend with a pet or a pet store. Science has shown that pets are major stress relievers.

9) Learn how to control your feelings. Get a pen and write a list of positive emotions on the left side, and a list of negative emotions on the right side. As soon as you catch yourself feeling something that belongs to the right side (anxiety, sadness, jealousy, anger, fear, etc) you need to get rid of this feeling.

10) Don’t get back to the past and stop feeling guilt and regret. Everything happens for a reason and for the best. You can’t control the circumstances; you can only control your behavior at the present moment. Therefore, start controlling it now, get rid of negative thoughts, and make the first step of being permanently happy.

11) Do not underestimate the power of exercise. The amount of oxygen that gets into your brain and releases the hormone of happiness is definitely worth spending time working out. One hour at the gym will not only get your body, but also your mind and soul in shape.

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