Bedroom Layout



Taboo #1

Never place the head of the bed directly beside the bedroom door.

This affects sleep badly. If the bed is “floating” rather than placed against the wall, the negativity becomes severe. The relationships of a couple sleeping in this position will become destabilized.

Taboo #2

Do not let the door seem to cut directly into the bed.

If there is another door on the other side of the bed, this problem is made even worse. To solve it, place a divider, such as a screen, between the bed and the doors.

Taboo #3

Never set a bed across from a room’s entrance, so that either the head or feet point directly towards it.

This creates a situation where one is being hit by excessively aggressive chi. Also, when one’s head is pointed directly at the door, it is said to be the “death” placement.

Taboo #4

Never place a bed directly under an exposed overhead beam, since it causes killing energy to press down on those sleeping below it.

Exposed overhead beams can often cause sever problems in a partnership or marriage. Probably the best remedy for this is to install an artificial plaster ceiling which then completely hides the beam from view.


The best location for the bed is to have it diagonally opposite the door, placed in such a way that the sleeping direction corresponds to personalized good directions.

It is also important to ensure that the entrance to the room is visible from the bed.

Placing your bed in a good position in the bedroom is extremely important for good relationships and love feng shui


A. The bed should never share a wall with a toilet as this causes extremely bad energy to affect whoever is occupying the bed. Always move the bed to another wall.

B. The bed should not be placed directly under a toilet that is on the floor above it. This causes bad energy to descend onto those who sleep in the bed below.

If you have a toilet that is located in the south-west corner of your home, it is always going to diminish the luck of the relationships. To reduce the influence of the toilet on your sleeping feng shui, always keep toilet lids down and the door to the toilet closed.


If you want to have good feng shui luck about romance and relationships, you need to make sure that you don’t sleep with bad energy moving your way. Bad energy causes separations, temper tantrums and intolerance – all of which lead break ups, and when you have this energy coming towards you day after day and might after night, your love and marriage luck will be damaged. Use feng shui to reducethis so the situation will not develop some serious problems.

How to solve your problem.

In the sketch here, note the corner protruding pillars, which are sending out bad energy or shar chi, and the entrance door, which is creating bad energy for the bed.

  • First of all, always make sure that there are not protruding corners in the bedroom. There cause poison chi to come off the sharp edges. If these edges point directly at your or your partner, they are thought to create illness and depression, and damage your love and relationships. You should either move the bed so that it avoids the line of fire or hang a small scystal or wind chime from the ceiling right in front of the offending edges. Do not use plants to cure this problem in the bedroom. A similar effect is caused by stand-alone square pillars or square tables. If these are in your bedroom, it is important to neutralize their edges in the same ways as above.
  • Second of all, there should never be excessive fast energy coming towards your bed. This is usually caused by the bed being placed directly in front of the door (see above left). The effect is bad whether you feet or your head point towards the door. It is best to move the bed to another part of the room, otherwise, one partner could well lose the other. This is beca use sleeping with your head or feet directly pointing towards the door is akin to the death position and is considered to be very inauspicious.
  • The best place to put a bed in any room is in the corner diagonally opposite the entrance door. Let the headboard rest solidly against one wall. Select the direction of the sleeping position according to the best directions possible – based on your nien yen direction.


Having too many doors to the bedroom can cause disharmony and arguments in your love, romance, relationships or marriage. The sleeping orientation in the picture brings enormous bad luck in your love life.


Good marriage feng shui flies out of the bedroom door when the marital bed is reflected in a mirror. Mirrors I the bedroom which directly face the bed are the main cause of marriages getting ruined. Generally, they encourage infidelity. The larger the mirrors are, the more harmful they can be to a marriage. There are some bedrooms where entire mirror walls create a feeling of space in the sleeping are. These do the most harm. Mirrors on the ceiling which reflect the bed are also bad. Such bedroom mirrors ensure that neither the husband nor the wife will be content with the marriage and will look for satisfaction elsewhere.

The best way of overcoming a problem is to remove mirrors completely from the bedroom. If it’s not possible, then at least hide them with a heavy drape, and keep them covered at night.

When the mirror is on the wall behind the bed, it does less harm – but only if it is not directly behind the bed.

Mirrors should not be positioned on the three walls shown if they reflect the bed and the people sleeping there. They can, however, be placed either side of the bed.


If the corner is missing altogether (as shown in this sketch), you could use mirrors to create an illusion of additional space. This option, however, should be taken only if they can be placed so that they do not reflect your bed, because as mentioned previously mirrors in the bedroom are not advisable.

In this sketch, a plant has been used to shield the wall mirror, which has been installed to extend the wall in the direction of the missing corner. Use an artificial plant for this purpose if the room is your bedroom, since the yang energy of fresh plants is too strong for this kind of space.

Usually a missing corner in a bedroom is caused by the presence of n attached toilet or bathroom, in which case the vital marriage corner has been occupied by toilet. You will then have to address the more serious problem of having the toilet in your marriage corner.


If you have a choice of bedrooms and you wish to activate your marriage luck, then you should choose the room that is situated in the location that corresponds to your nien yen. To determine which room this is, stand in the center of the house and take directions from there. Use any good compass. When you discover where the north corner of your home is, you will be able to determine all of its other eight corners.

If it is possible to sleep in your nien yen sector and also to sleep with your head pointed in the nien yen direction, then your love and relationships luck will be tremendously enhanced. This Eight Mansions formula is very powerful. It is a simple tool of feng shui and easy to understand. However, it is important to locate the correct direction and make sure that nothing is damaging your feng shui.

Calculate your KUA number and look up your romance directions. Work out the compass direction of your home to find out if your current bedroom location corresponds, and then check the direction in which you actually sleep.

Your KUA number Your nien yen or romance direction
1 South
2 North-west
3 South-east
4 East
5 North-west, West
6 South-west
7 North-east
8 West
9 North