When a man says, “I’ll call you”, a woman thinks, “tomorrow”, but a man actually means “any time before I die”. (Joke)

The only way we can make it through a break up, broken heart, dating scene, and relationships to successful marriage is laughing our way through.

What if we try to laugh when we want to cry? What if we laugh to a variety of jokes: jokes about women, jokes about men, love jokes, marriage jokes, men jokes, romantic jokes, relationship jokes, and dating jokes? What if instead of being stressed out by problems, we’d laugh out loud?

Do you know that laughing and happy people are a major turn on for the opposite (or the same) sex? Do you know that people at any event or restaurant notice happy laughing people right away and can’t stop paying attention?

Let’s try and see if your mood will get better. If you are in a great mood already, let’s see if it will upgrade to an amazing mood because amazing and positive moods attracts amazing people, circumstances, and events.

Let’s joke around and have a great time. There is a hand-picked collection of different jokes that will help you in any kind of situation in dating, relationships, new love, or a broken heart.