Marriage Horoscope


An Aries turns on fast but turns off even faster. He is ready to move forward quickly. However, he does make mistakes in his choices because he is ruled by desires and not by reality. If he decides on something, he’ll move forward overcoming all obstacles. An Aries is self-willed, impulsive, and passionate. You can determine how serious he is based on his ability to destroy stereotypes described above.

Remember, An Aries will become more quiet and calm outside, more serious and practical in what he does, and more sensitive and nicer in communication. You’ll understand that “he is ready” if he becomes thoughtful as well as indifferent towards a loud kaleidoscope of social life.

The indication towards his serious intentions will be his conversations about real estate as well as grown ambitions. He will want to get promoted, create a new career, and become very successful. So if your “significant one” will pay less attention to you because he is too busy at work, everything is great. He didn’t fall out of love, he’s just thinking about a future family.

If all changes described above don’t happen, don’t get caught up in illusions. Move forward.


A Taurus is stubborn, soft hearted, inert, and predictable. Laziness is combined with love for hard work. He is a sybarite and a dictator at the same time. He has a clear understanding about what kind of family and wife he must have.

You won’t believe it but you can judge his marital intentions by his unusual free-thinking as well as by the ease of making an important decision. A Taurus is ready to experiment. He’ll try to take initiative in his own hands. He’ll ask direct questions and he’ll prefer the same direct answers.

When he is “ready”, the amount of his emotions will increase and he’ll become braver and more energetic. The importance of your inner harmony and naturalness will increase dramatically. He’ll need to know how genuine your reactions to his words, actions, and feelings are. He’ll also turn selfish and  require your love and attention like it’s you are after him, not vice versa.

If your situations match those written above, then he is not planning to be single anymore.


He is brave, active, and rational. If he doesn’t understand something, he’ll take it easy. He is going to “walk on the edge” but his cold brain protects him from mistakes. He doesn’t really understand his woman’s feelings, but he can find the key to her heart with his eloquent, amazing, and twisted brain, and easiness in conversation.

He is very realistic when it comes to marriage. He counts all pros and cons and…gets tired of monotonous family life…in advance. He’ll first talk about marriage when he’ll decide to marry you. If he has different plans, he’ll avoid all marital conversations with virtuosity. You’ll understand that “he is ready” when he’ll offer to do something significant or take care of some part of your problems.

Pay attention to the following: If your man starts to look for a new high profile job or stay at work for crazy hours, it means that he is very serious. His personality will show pedantry in little details and his unreliability in big things. He’ll want to be caring, useful, and non replaceable for you. If your Gemini does not show all qualities described above, think about choosing a different Gemini.


He is calm outside and emotional inside. A Cancer is sentimental and non talkative but he tries to hide it. It’s difficult to understand him but to x-ray his soul is even more difficult. He is vulnerable, jealous, and moody. He can tune to you and think with his heart and not his head.

You can judge his marital intentions by the following: the Cancer will become social and relaxed like he is going on a vacation with friends and not to his wedding with you. There is a possibility of snobbery and arrogance toward the people in your circle. Do not be upset, this is an exact sign that “you are the one”. In spite of his attention, peacefulness, and good manners, a Cancer can do outrageous things at times. He’d want to ruin traditions and rules while impressing you and your relatives.

If all changes described above are not at place, then Cancer is still thinking or he already decided everything for himself and you are not his choice.

A Leo is self completed, confident, and energetic. He loves to protect and make decisions for others. He is traditional enough with a low understanding of delicate moments and details in communication. He needs an explanation on those details.

A Leo’s family is his extension. If he decides to become head of the household, you’ll figure it out right away. He will stop being interested in an intense social life and he’ll lose interest in friends. The Leo will become more delicate, emotional, and erotic. “Intimate frivolity” (as funny it can sound) will show his readiness towards a serious step. You have to have some kind of energy that wraps you two up as an invisible  cocoon. A Leo won’t really ask for your opinion here. He loves you and it’s enough.

If a Leo’s interests and contacts are too extensive and he is not more mysterious and delicate in his manners, you have to be satisfied with the position of the lover. You can be with him as long as you want, but let’s make it clear, your relationships for him is sports, flirting, and fun.


A Virgo is practical, skeptical, and a realistic person who sees the reality with his sober eyes. He is critical, thrifty, and reserved. He loves to play by the rules. He is looking for a wife very carefully counting all pros and cons.

So when is our Virgo man ready to marry? He’ll become more active and different in his emotional desires and actions. The Virgo’s love for hard work will disappear and his desire to have adventures will increase. He’ll be attracted by new people and romantic events. He’ll start to behave the way a man usually behaves when he gets an initial attraction to a woman. It looks like his thoughts about having a family and all limitations that come along with marriage make him feel free. And this is the truth, this is exactly that way he feels. If your man offers that you travel to a different part of the world, it means that he is ready to marry you.

However, if your Virgo doesn’t behave crazy, his eyes do not spark romantically, and his discussion of your future together sounds too realistic and smart, it means that he does not want to wear a wedding ring and live happily ever after.


A Libra is easygoing, polite, and open-minded. He loves a beautiful life. His esthetic senses are well developed, but his personality is pretty tough. His opinion about himself is pretty high. He is emotionally detached from reality.

The Libra is the ONLY astrological sign whose actions can be read directly. You don’t have to think what he means. You’ll understand right away that your man is going to marry you because he’ll start to project your future together as well ass think about your career in terms of income as well as your “mutual nest”. A Libra will be interested about the social life of his soul mate, her parent’s income, as well as other people’s opinion. He would wonder what other people think about them as a couple. He’ll behave like he is going to marry you based on his calculations, not feelings. And if it’s like this, it means he loves you dearly. Remember, marriage for him is the first of all changes of his social status and then everything else.

If your man is still happy and careless, if he loves your company to relax and have fun, I have to disappoint you. This is not husband material.

A Scorpio is strong willed on the inside and flexible on the outside. He is practical, determined, and perspicacious. He also loves money. He is jealous and passionate, sometime can be cheap. His inner life is full and intensive, but is hidden from outsiders. He loves to use mysterious ways. Don’t listen to what he says, just watch carefully what he does.

The sign of him being serious about marriage will be eccentric behavior and freedom when it comes to questions of marriage. If your Scorpio says that he’d never get married because the marriage will limit his freedom, you should know that he is “ready to get very serious”. A Scorpio will take all initiative. He’ll listen to your opinion and find out what you want, but he’ll do it his way, in a very reserved and a well calculated way.  As soon as you show that he is totally independent, he’ll get going.

If your Scorpio is still mysterious, full of love, romantic, and gentle and if he swears that he’ll be with you forever, it is not true.


A Sagittarius falls in love too often. He is not stable in his emotional attachments as well as self confident, active, honest, and optimistic. He appreciates personal freedom. He prefers not to get into marital activities, he can become a time-server. He is more of a hero-lover type. His understanding about marriage and family is very unclear.

He’ll swim down the stream following his feelings and trying to please his woman. He is such a knight. He would marry his woman following his emotional impression or because of some circumstances, for example, if she got pregnant. However, it will be something as inevitability. He is a pretty tough guy. There are no rules to predict what is going on in his head.

The most likely case is that he won’t describe himself or what he really wants. A Sagittarius has to really fall for his woman and she has to know what’s going on.


He is realistic, conservative, ambitious, serious, and hardworking. He doesn’t mind being alone because he is not bored with himself. He is reserved, patient, reliable, and very faithful. He gets younger with age.

A Capricorn’s family can represent his achievements in his life and his wife is his business card, the display of his success. He is very conservative. A Capricorn pans his life and acts consistently and methodically. If he decides to make an important step which will change his social status, it means that he thought many times before.

If a Capricorn is ready to marry, he will stop being too serious. He’ll start do impulsive things. It will add charm, but will make him a little rude. And if he looks too simple, you should know that he already calculated everything and made a conclusion toward marriage.

If your Capricorn didn’t change in his words and actions and if “he is on his own”, then he has other strategic plans and your spot is not the most important in his plans.


An Aquarius becomes predictable when he starts thinking about marriage. It’s important for him because he needs a stable place where he can return after his adventures. Therefore, if he started to count money and if he would buy something useless in front of you, then you can say that he is pretty serious.

Don’t try to isolate him from his friends. Put your energy in making your company very desirable to him.

You need to understand that winning this individualist is not easy. He wants to be with people and at the same time can’t stand limitations from any angle of society. If you can prove that your love and devotion is endless, he’ll get very serious. Don’t push him (the idea has to be well developed), but don’t let it go with the flow.

If you decided to do such a crazy thing as marry an Aquarius, invite him into a cozy place, with gourmet food, candlelight, and cosmic music where a computer and bookshelves will flash in the background.

Just look in his eyes and be quiet, let him do all the talking. However, if gets quiet and stays like this for an hour, it means that “marital thoughts” are in his head. If he comes again and he is speechless, then you can be sure that “the deal is done”.

If your Aquarius is talking non stop, asking you to participate in some project and points to your computer with a fork, drinking his wine from the tea cup or visits you with an army of his best friends, you can be sure that all efforts were useless – he is not thinking about marriage.

Be careful to not show your feelings too much. He is ready to be with a woman who respects his total freedom as well as be totally devoted to him. Only this kind of relationship he sees as normal. And do not try to tell him this, you have to prove everything by your actions.

Aquarius is the easiest sign to get married to. He will talk for hours about his independence, but be ready to get married sooner than other signs. But remember, to be with him is not easy and if you are not ready to listen about “total freedom” for the rest of your life, run away as soon as possible.


Your Pieces man belongs somewhere “out of this world” (if he’s a real pieces). He never says “no”, but “yes” does not sound either.

He tries to avoid an answer and let you think yourself. In case of something, he doesn’t say and doesn’t promise anything.  It’s a very comfortable position for him. He is a thinker who is waiting for the beautiful future that will come itself. This future will do everything and appreciate all beauty of him. If you notice that your Pieces starts to talk clear, do not be shocked. If you need him (for some reason) hurry up. His desires change quickly. Therefore as soon as you get to a “specific” subject, ask directly but do not show any interest.

You can just express the fact and get confirmation. Don’t let a Pieces concentrate on the subject.

If you’ve heard “yes”, the Pieces will go with the flow even though it might’ve been your idea. Don’t be stupid, don’t show that you are too serious, turn everything into a joke. When he’ll realize how serious everything is, he’ll laugh himself.

If your Pieces will try to make you feel sorry for him or disappear after he’ll sense seriousness, it means that you have to “let him swim on his own”.