Break Up Poems

  • Breakup

Here lays my heart,
All broken and torn;
There are no feelings left in it,
For me to mourn.

Here lays my mind,
Which has repressed;
All the memories we have shared,
That have left me a mess.

Here lays my soul,
Which you took away;
Along with my faith and trust in you,
That you broke in a day.

Here lays my body,
All mangled and left to die;
I hope that I can get through this,
And find another guy.

  • I Used To Know A Woman

I used to know a woman deep within the sky,
She was sweet and had something pure to her cry,
But things changed and the distance caused her to flea,
There are no more beautiful skies of stars left to see.
My heart had shattered like a rock smashing a car windshield,
MY moves used to be smooth but now I must yield.
Our souls used to tangle more than vines growing up a tree,
But the newspapers are all sold out, There are no stories for me.
The fifth amendment is the only defense left to plea,
With her I could pick my battles and win my wars,
See the sun and the sky, but no longer that star outdoors.

  • Leave

You ask me to leave you
Knowing fully well it happen
You ask me to deceive myself
Telling me it is your hearts summon

If you had to go then,
Why you wired my winsome life
Why you wilted me so much
Simply to slice me with wordy knife

The pain the pining the parting is scorching
The tempest of throbbing heart is enticing
Its only sincere resident
Looking glass- the self reticent

Oh! My tormentor may you have peace
Though I am shredded piece by piece…

  • And Now It’s Gone

What do you do when you realize that all you ever wanted was what you always had?
Somehow knowing what I’m missing makes it hurt so bad…
When I needed some time away, you moved on like you should…
I guess it took me too long to see that what we had was good…
You tried to let me in again and trust me like before…
I really would give anything to re-open that door…
I told you a year ago I knew what I wanted- and what I wanted was you…
Too bad for me, today that is no less true…
I never imagined that one day we would really be apart…
Just know that no matter what I do; no matter who I’m with, YOU are the one who is in my heart.

  • As it breaks

Tear filled eyes, misused again
Eyes on the prize, heart on the floor
Comforting words filled with feign
Tell me now, how much more

Come clean, be sincere
Solving the puzzle, impossible feat
Hidden messages arena so clear

I’m open, I’m here, not discrete
Listen to the sound it makes

The beating of my heart, as it breaks

  • Broken-Hearted girl

If i had one more chance,
I would turn back time,
and I would have never let you
walk right out of my life.

You said you would never leave me,
until the day you said goodbye.
You broke my heart,
and now i am afraid to give love another try.

My heart is in two,
I am feeling so blue,
and that is because i am missing you.

My whole world is crashing down,
and you don’t even care.
Nothing is the same,
when you are not here.

  • Something cracked

I heard your voice in the night
I thought I would hold on to you tight
You hurt me once
You hurt me twice
I never thought you would break my heart
I never thought you would break me apart
Our love should of meant more
You broke my heart and left through the door
You hurt me once
You hurt me twice
Never again will I feel this pain
I won’t let you walk all over me and there will be no shame!

  • You Broke Me

What makes me human is you
You who broke me and push me through
Yes, though you know i was not strong
You caused me to cry or so long
so many times i ask if you really exist
though many times also you heard my pleas
i was so wrong to blame you for all my sadness
for truly it is You who brings gladness

So many times you tried to break me before
but i was so hard and rebelled more
yet you never stopped breaking me
cos you were concerned of what my future could be
You never wanted me to go the wrong way
that’s why you wanted me to pray
so you could guide me everyday
until to my bed i lay

From a frozen heart you broke me to become human
for my heart never melts though put under the sun
You changed my whole being
I was changed by the grace of your loving
because you care so much about me
You wanted me to live with you in heaven for eternity,
for the chance to be with you forever
You broke me to become a person much better

Thank You Father or breaking me to a new person
I didn’t understand at first or I didn’t know the reason
Thank You for the tears that have poured out from my eyes
Thank You for the sorrows that have made me cry
For now i know I’m a new being
Changed by the trials You have given.

  • The Healing Heart

Shattered heart forced to heal

as greatness unveils thine soul.

Hope whispered in the distance,

to recover thine lost love.

‘Tis night brings tender passing,

healing thine soul with glorious blunder.

Caus’ not one or two,

but dissipated nights of dreams.

Sadness comes to end, happiness conquered hate.

Love sprouting — sadness shrinking,

e has come again.

  • Disappearing Love

What happened to our love?

It used to be so bright

Loving, laughing, caring

Then soon caught the night

You were my one and only love

Cared for you too much

Then something happened

And slept with that man

You deceived me

I never felt so desperate

But I try to forgive you now

And try not to think about before

I love you so much

It just hurts to ponder now

Everything I have

Is because of you

Everything I bought

Was because of you

I just love you so much

I’m scared to lose you