Facebook ruins relationships – this fact is sad, but true. A broken heart logo can be incorporated in multiple profiles; as a matter of fact it would be great for the statistics.

The contemporary puzzle of dating and relationships is complicated enough to put it together and make it work. With pieces that don’t fit, get broken, or belong to different puzzles, it’s hard to do. Facebook provides a great opportunity to take dating and relationship complications to the next level.

Keeping your hand on your ex’s pulse, fishing for a new romance in someone else’s pond, flirting with someone’s fiancée, boyfriend, or husband (girlfriend, wife), checking her ex’s new flame and his (her) surroundings, making someone jealous, etc. This is just the beginning of the list of real activities.

With 500 million Facebook users where the average user has about 130 friends, 250 million people log on every day. 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up, with 28% doing so before even getting out of bed. Over 700 billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook*.

Facebook has become a home for teenagers and a playground for adults. While teens like to share each and every action with “puppy joy” and innocent smiles on their faces, adults tend to use new toys more strategically.

Facebook is the new CNN for personal use where people can create and deliver their own information and news to their acquaintance circle. Of course, many serious people use Facebook for business; no doubt about it, but in the world of dating, relationships, break ups, and broken hearts, Facebook has become one of the most powerful weapons that is used constantly used.

With 46,256,040 (18.49%) males and 57,481,100 females (54.03%) over 18+ years old, there are 19,670,180 (18.49%) singles, 13,106,220 (12.32%) in a relationship, 2,833,280 (2.66%) engaged, and 30,761,820 (28.91%) married.**

Can you imagine how huge the field for strategic conscious and subconscious manipulations really is?

5 Ways People Use Facebook in the Dating World

1. Stay informed about their exes.

The amount of people constantly checking the pages of their exes is scary. Tons of beautiful pictures where happy people are having fun, in reality, are posted with one simple purpose – to get the attention of one specific person and make him (her) jealous or show that he (she) is not missed anymore. While people constantly and start new relationships all of the time, the power of exes is underestimated. It takes at least one rebound relationship (sometimes more) to forget about that special person.

2. “To Facebook” new flames.

Facebook has become the new Google for getting information (use the information together mindfully, and you will be almost trained for a career as an FBI agent). You can learn a lot by reading someone’s profile and interests, as well as checking out his (her) friends, statuses, and pictures. The compete list of favorite movies and music will give you an extended insight on his (her) character. You don’t need an advanced degree in psychology to figure out their personality.

3. To communicate with someone indirectly.

Sure, women do it more often than men, but women are extremely creative. If wo men apply the same amount of creativity and dedication that they apply to dating and relationships to their jobs and studies, America probably wouldn’t be in the current economy crisis.

We all know examples of a girl who would spend money on shopping, doing her hair, and makeup, going out to some events only to put her picture on Facebook where she has 500 friends she could care less about, but…there is that one  particular person she is in love with. So she would jump through all those hoops with “Facebook self marketing” just to get his attention.

4. To destroy someone else’s happiness by discussing sensitive topics with people in front of thousands of other people.

5. Reaching people you wouldn’t be able to reach without having access to Facebook.


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3 Responses to “Facebook Ruins Relationships”

Daniela July 5, 2011

okay Thats Right But Not Always, I Can Tell That My Love Story Starts With FB but before you get a boyfriend you have to be sure
I AM in a very beautiful relationship and am happy with it Now We Complete our 2nd year <3 :)

Steve Evans January 13, 2012

I love you Kayleen.

mimi March 20, 2012

quit blamming facebook for your problems . it’s a website . it dossent ruin your relationship what so ever .. whatyever you or your partner says is your issue .. not facebook’s and if your issue is so bad then you mineaswell not have one .