• A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power – George Meredith

  • The woman who appeals to a man’s vanity may stimulate him, the woman who appeals to his heart may attract him, but it is the woman who appeals to his imagination who gets him – Helen Rowland

  • There are no shortcuts to any place worth going – Beverly Sills
  • A woman past forty should make up her mind to be young – not her face – Billie Burke
  • There are no ugly women; there are only women who do not know how to look pretty – Jean de la Bruyere

  • Beauty when unadorned is adorned the most – St.Jerome

  • The real sin against life is to abuse and destroy beauty, even one’s own – even more, one’s own, for that has been put in our care and we are responsible for its well-being – Katherine Anne Porter

  • Beauty unaccompanied by virtue, is as a flower without perfume – French Proverbs

  • One is not born a woman – one becomes one – Simone de Beauvoir

  • If either man or woman would realize that the full power of personal beauty, it must be by cherishing noble thought and hopes and purposes; by having something to do and something to live for that is worthy of humanity and which, by expanding and symmetry to the body which contains it – Upham

  • That rarest gift to Beauty, common Sense! – George Meredith

  • Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go – Hermann Hesse

  • Being a leader is like being a lady, if you have to go around telling people you are on, you aren’t – Margaret Thatcher


  • It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty – Tolstoy

  • If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary – Jim Roth

  • There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness – Lady Blessington

  • Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day – Unknown

  • All limitations are self imposed – Oliver Wendell Holmes

  • Failure is success in progress – Unknown

  • God made woman beautiful and foolish; beautiful, that man might love her; and foolis h, that she night love him – Unknown

  • Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses – Mad ame Marie du Deffand

  • Women are never disarmed end by compliments. Men always are. That is the difference between the sexes. – Oscar Wilde

  • There are only two types of women – goddesses and doormats.  - Pablo Picasso
  • A modest woman, dressed out in all her finery, is the most tremendous object of the whole creation – Oliver Goldsmith

  • If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads – Anatole France

  • Women are perfectly well aware that the more they seem to obey the more they rule -  Jules Michelet

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